Transport Protocol

A duty of care exists for all institutions that are sending their students to other providers.

Organisation of Transport

All travel arrangements require approval by the home base school and the provider. There should be clarity about who is organising transport e.g. The SMB/OMB, Local Authority, home base school or other provider.

The home base and provider must ensure that:

  • there is a named person with responsibility for the oversight of inter school transport arrangements
  • there is due cognisance of travel times
  • there is clarity regarding payment (where applicable)
  • in the event that students will arrive home later than on a normal school day, that parents / carers been informed of the time of return
  • all parties have been informed of the arrangements in the case of travel problems to and from a provider, i.e. who is responsible for contacting parents / carers, who is responsible for ensuring that students get home safely and that students been briefed about:
    • expected behaviour during travel
    • health and safety. i.e. seatbelts, safe methods of alighting, not leaving seat until vehicle has stopped etc.
    • what to do in the case of an accident
    • what to do in the case of bad weather

Unacceptable behaviour will normally be dealt with under the normal disciplinary procedures of the home base school.


The institution providing the transport or the contracted transport provider must ensure that:

  • DBS checks are in place for drivers / supervisors (unless public transport is being used)
  • risk assessments have been completed for transport and travel
  • any necessary permits have been obtained
  • parental / carer permission has been obtained (and for any subsequent changes of plan). Please see Appendix 1
  • Permission of the school and parent/carer has been obtained (and for any subsequent changes of plan)
  • clear arrangements are in place for supervising students: getting on the bus, while on the bus, getting off the bus and during the journey where applicable
  • appropriate contact numbers have been left with the institution, the parent / carer, the provider, the student.
  • students been informed not to accept lifts home from employees of the provider (other than by the designated travel arrangements)
  • arrangements been made to escort students who are at risk when travelling alone e.g. students with learning needs, physical disabilities
  • arrangements have been made for students who receive travel assistance to and from school in normal circumstances to receive such assistance when travelling to an alternative placement

(This protocol is one within a series of protocols and should not be considered in isolation. Protocols may be reviewed and are subject to change)