Lunchtimes and Breaks Protocol


Schools have a duty of care for students during the school day, including lunchtimes. Although there is no common practice in Powys in relation to lunchtime arrangements, it is commonplace nationally for many Key Stage 5 students to be allowed off-site.

Students who are being educated at an alternative provider will be subject to and should respect the lunchtime/break time rules of that provider.

The home base school will be responsible for informing the provider of any issues relating to vulnerable students who should be supervised by the provider at lunchtimes and breaks.

Free School Meals

  • The home base school will inform the provider of learner eligibility for FSM.
  • Administration of free school meals (FSM) is the responsibility of the alternative education provider.
  • An invoice for free school meals provided by the provider will be submitted to the home school on a termly basis.

(This protocol is one within a series of protocols and should not be considered isolation. Protocols may be reviewed and subject to change)