Learner Entitlement

In Powys we believe that all learners, regardless of their location, background, language, or ability should flourish and grow without any barriers into capable, healthy, confident, and ethically informed citizens.  Every learner will be effectively prepared to contribute fully as ambitious, enterprising, and independent individuals for the ever-changing local, national, and global social and economic demands of the 21st century.

Powys Post-16 provision will provide an inclusive and flexible academic and vocational provision for all learners, regardless of their language or ability, so that all learners can access a broad, balanced and appropriate curriculum offer through the medium of Welsh and English. 

Learners will be effectively supported to thrive through well-planned enrichment activities and through bespoke wellbeing, academic, vocational and career support and guidance.  Strong partnerships will be forged between other higher education partners and employers to ensure that all learners can be appropriately advised on their next steps.  Purposeful opportunities will be developed to positively respond to pupil and key stakeholder voice.

Provision will be sustainable and deliver value for money through excellent, state of the art, outstanding and modern facilities that will support all learners throughout their lives and meet the needs of the local economy. 

Innovative use of digital learning opportunities will support and supplement the offer available to ensure the quality and breadth of provision is sustained.

The leadership and governance will ensure that all provision is of the highest standard and delivered by passionate specialist, and reflective practitioners with a proven track record of excellence, where all staff and learners are highly valued as part of the learning organisation.     Outstanding academic, vocational, and extra-curricular outcomes of the highest level will ensure that all Powys learners will have access to their appropriate, meaningful and aspirational pathway.

Powys Post-16 provision will foster and develop close links with all Powys schools and learners to develop a strong sense of belonging through effective transitional arrangements and unified pupil centred advice and guidance.  Support will be available to ensure all learners make well considered and informed choices, with valuable communications and links formed with all parents and carers.