Parents: Frequently Asked Questions

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How many days per week will my child be studying?

Learners typically study for 5 days per week in line with their home learning provider policy.

What are the entry requirements?

Each learning provider will have different entry requirements for each course. The entry requirements are listed on the course info page.

What if my child has an additional learning need (ALN)?

The way that ALN is managed in Wales is changing - please see our dedicated ALN page for more information by clicking here.

How will I know if my child is on progress?

Each learning provider has parents evenings and sends reports to parents about the academic attainment of each student. These parents evenings can be found on our events calendar.

Does my child have to learn Welsh Baccalaureate?

Each learning provider offers Welsh Baccalaureate in a different way. For more information about Welsh Baccalaureate, please click here.

How will my child get to other providers to study?

When a pupil finishes Year 11 they come off the school transport lists and if they still need school transport they will need to apply every academic year. For more information about Transport, please click here.

Does my child have to wear a uniform?

Each learning provider has a different policy on uniform for Sixth Form students. Please see their learning provider page for more information.