All children and young people learn at different rates and some may require additional support to achieve their goals and aspirations.

With many children and young people these additional learning needs are not severe or can be temporary, such as learning a new language. For some however, the challenges they face are going to be with them for some time and require the school, parents, the child/young person and the local authority, (sometimes with other agencies) to work together to plan, implement and review any additional support or provision they need. From September 2020 onwards this additional support will be called additional learning provision 'ALP'.

All Powys schools have access to a range of support services, so that they can identify learners who are having difficulties with their learning and provide them with the additional support.

How to access support

Generally support for pupils with special educational needs follows a 'graduated response'. That means we build up the intensity of support if they are not responding as hoped to the work being done to increase progress.

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