Cymraeg Mamiath

Overview of the course

Our AS/A level Welsh Language specification encourages learners to develop their interest and enthusiasm in Welsh and Welsh literature.

The aim is to develop learners' skills to express themselves confidently and imaginatively in both written and spoken Welsh. As well as to develop their ability to respond to literature and contemporary multimedia cultural materials in order to gain an appreciation of Wales's cultural heritage.



The skills you can develop while studying Welsh are useful in many careers. Even if you don’t want to work in Wales in the future the skills you have from being bilingual will be seen as a positive to many employers. Welsh has an official status in Wales meaning it’s recognised by law so it’s important and can lead to many job openings. Some jobs in Wales either ask for Welsh as essential or desirable.

Key info

Most courses are two years long unless otherwise stated.

  QiW Code: C00/0723/5

  Language: Cy

  Qualification: A Level

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Where can I study this course in Powys?