Overview of the course

AS/A2 Law is a course designed for students who are interested in legal practices, and the legal system in England and Wales. It is suited to those wishing to work as a lawyer. The course will give you an understanding of how the legal system works, and not just what the law is. It looks at the roles of the legal professionals, how laws are made, how courts work and the processes involved in criminal and civil law. You will go on to look at how we discuss and evaluate the Criminal Justice System of England and Wales. It gives students an in depth understanding of topics such as murder and manslaughter, non-fatal offences, police powers and sentencing. If you enjoy lively debate, focused argument and have an enthusiasm for current affairs then you will enjoy and succeed in studying A Level Law.


After completing the programme, successful candidates may progress onto multiple courses at University, as well as various employment opportunities within the industry.

Key info

Most courses are two years long unless otherwise stated.

  QiW Code: C00/1177/7

  Language: En

  Qualification: A Level

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