Diploma in Health and Social Care (Adults)

Overview of the course

Health & Social Care is now becoming the sector of choice on a national basis. As a course of study the Health & Social Care Level 3 City & Guilds qualification is a pioneering programme of learning offering students an opportunity to learn through theory based learning, skills development in a state of the art simulated environment and working alongside clinicians and professionals within the sector. The knowledge and skills developed during the course provide an excellent basis for further study at Higher Education and/or access to a career pathway into the sector. Studying the qualification will also give you a greater sense of how compassionate care is delivered to friends and family. It will open your eyes to the use of digital interventions in a rural health and care setting.

During the course you will study a range of foundation health and social care skills and be able to apply and practice them in both a simulated environment in Wales first pioneering Adaptive Simulated Living space. The course also offers you work experience, where by you will work alongside clinicians and professionals to practice your skills.

Please note: The course will be run from a Centre which will be confirmed after half term. As a result, the option block delivery may change.


As Health and Social Care is fastly becoming the sector of choice, this qualification opens opportunities for you to access a career pathway with the local Health Board and/or social services. It also provides a sound baseline for access to further education and training i.e. Nursing/ Social Worker

Key info

Most courses are two years long unless otherwise stated.

  QiW Code: C00/0311/7

  Language: En

  Qualification: City & Guilds Level 3

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