Film Studies

Overview of the course

The AS Level / A Level Film Studies course located in the Sixth Form Academy (SFA) will bring alive the subject of cinema and provide a fascinating and detailed insight into the world of films and filming.

You will investigate the way film constructs meaning and provokes a spectator response. Film-making and viewing is an interactive, two-way process, it is a language through which we communicate ideas and messages. This is an art form and one which, like other art forms, for example, fine art and literature, requires the reading of various texts. You will not only be required to demonstrate an understanding of the films set before you, but also to extract further information at a deeper level of analysis.

You will be encouraged to extend your own creativity and production skills, and given the opportunity to investigate and develop your own ideas and short films.

Whether you are studying AS or A Level Film, your first year will cover the same topic areas:
• Hollywood 1930-1990
• American Independent Film
• British film
• European Film
• Film Production
A Level students will also study:
• Global Film
• Documentary
• Silent Film
• Experimental Film
• Short Film
At both levels you will study the key elements of film form including cinematography, mise en scène, editing, sound and performance. You will also study the contexts of your chosen films and what was happening when the film was made. What can the film tell us about history and society at that time? You will study the films in terms of the representations they present or challenge. At AS students study the specialist film areas of Spectatorship & Narrative. At A Level you will engage in the study of Ideology, the Auteur and Critical Debates surrounding Film.

Additional costs: Portable storage device e.g Hardrive (carry case) and a memory stick, Headphones - preferably cans. £25 refundable deposit for use of all other media equipment e.g video cameras, photography cameras, tripods, lighting and all other studio equipment.



The combination of film theory and the editing and production techniques covered on this course will prepare you for further studies in film, media, journalism, broadcasting and communication at higher education. Previous students have gone on to work for local media industries and even set up their own production companies. Studying Film enables you to see the world in a different light and develop a wide range of transferable skills for further education, work and life:

• Creative Thinking
• Critical Thinking
• Emotional Intelligence
• Film Analysis
• Textual Analysis
• Communication
• Research skills
• Literacy
• Technical competencies (i.e. film editing)

Students of Film Studies are the students of the future, gaining the skills needed to develop successful careers and great academic minds.

Key info

Most courses are two years long unless otherwise stated.

  QiW Code: C00/1174/7

  Language: En

  Qualification: WJEC Eduqas Level 3

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